Planning your Transition from a Cubicle Dweller to Entrepreneur – Part 2

Welcome back! Hopefully you completed our “Financial Flushout” exercise from Part I and now we are going to continue with some of the ‘lighter’ strategies to ditching your full time job and becoming an entrepreneur.

These are my top 3 tips but there’s more on our complete checklist.

1) Depending on your business venture, getting a part time job in the industry that you want to have your business in might speed up the transition process. This sounds counter intuitive when there’s so much to do but hear me out: if you can work for someone who is doing what you want to do, you can learn from them while getting paid. This will give you a glimpse into how they market their business, who are their suppliers, how do they interact with their customers, and what specifically do their customers love (and hate) about their product or service. You’ll be learning all of this while making money, even if it’s not much, and that will allow you to pay down any personal debt or save up for capital expenditures for your biz.

2) Is there a skills gap that you can fill during this preparation time? For a lot of people they are missing a skill or knowledge that you can’t hire for right out of the gate. Maybe social media, accounting, networking, or sales. Although you’ll feel busier than ever preparing for your new life, it’s still less busy than you will be when you actually have your business. So there’s no time like the present to pick up your socks and learn something new.

3) Get a coach! There’s no need to go through this process alone, meandering around and not sure what to do next. There are so many people out there that you can hire will help you navigate the journey from cubicle dweller to entrepreneur to ensure it’s as speedy and enjoyable as possible. Yes, it costs money to hire a coach but you will save on the back end by avoiding costly pitfalls, wasting time, or worst of all quitting on your dreams because you didn’t think you had the tools to get it done.

You can do this! Becoming an entrepreneur is easier and more rewarding than it’s ever been but put on your big girl pants and get ‘er done!

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