Behind every successful woman is herself.
Hey Girl

Being an entrepreneur is an amazing opportunity but it comes with many challenges. You have a never-ending to-do list and you always feel like you could be doing more!

You are full of ideas but don't always know how to bring them to life. You are used to doing everything yourself, but if you are honest with yourself, you need some help.

I totally get what you are going through!

You need a brand that connects with your ideal client and a plan to put it all into place.

You need a website that takes you from amateur to professional, that showcases your work and makes you money!

That's where I come in. I'm Sarah and I totally get it! I'm here to help you create a brand and a website that feels like home and connects you with your perfect customer.

Sarah Rutka is a web designer sitting in a coffee shop

Good news...

You are only weeks away from a new brand and website that shows off your work, makes you money, and impresses your friends!

So, why the heck should you work with me?

I believe that every small business deserves a home that feels good and invites you in. That home is your website and you want it to welcome your perfect client, wrap them in warm blanket and get them to stay a while!

Over the last few years, I have worked with countless entrepreneurs to help them create a brand style and website that feels like home!

When I work for you, I will work my butt off to create a brand and website you are proud of and can't wait to show off.

My end goal is to help make you more productive and profitable so that you can enjoy focus on what you do best...your business

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How it all began...

Growing up, I always envisioned myself working in the corporate world. I saw myself hustling down Bay street with a briefcase in hand running to my next meeting.

And I actually did for over 10 years in my dream job as a public relations exec for a national public relations firm in downtown Toronto. I literally ran down Bay Street catching trains, going from meeting to meeting, constantly working overtime for incredible clients.

After getting married and having a baby, that life grew old FAST! My desire to climb the corporate ladder fizzled out. All I wanted to do was stay home with my baby girl but I needed money and a creative outlet.

I built a business in the health industry and grew a not-for-profit charity I had started with my sister several years prior.

Now with Hustle & Sparkle, I take my expertise as a communications specialist and the grit I gained from being self-employed to help female entrepreneurs grow their own businesses.

I am so excited to help make your brand vision a reality and design you a beautiful website that shows off your beautiful business.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started

Ready to work together?