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Being an entrepreneur is an amazing opportunity but it comes with many challenges. You are full of ideas but don't always know how to bring them to life. You are used to doing everything yourself, but if you are honest with yourself, you need some help.

You need a brand that connects with your ideal clients and a plan to put it all into place.

That's where we come in. We are April and Sarah Rutka of Hustle and Sparkle. We are sisters, business owners and founders of a local Charity, named Holiday Helpers Canada.

Together, we have over 25 years of experience working with brands and solo entrepreneurs helping them build their business and connect with their ideal customer.

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Let's bring some sparkle to your business!


Sarah Rutka

Brand Strategist, Designer, Marketing Pro
Growing up, it was always Sarah’s dream to work in the corporate world. She envisioned herself hustling down Bay street with her shoulders high and briefcase in hand. And she lived out that dream for 10 years as a public relations executive for a national agency.

After getting married and having a baby, her desire to climb the corporate ladder fizzled out. Her new dream was to find something that allowed her to live life on her terms. She built a business in the health industry and loved helping people feel their best. Now she's applying her creative juices to help female entrepreneurs grow their wellness businesses.

Sarah will help make your brand vision a reality and design you a beautiful website that clearly shares your message.

April Rutka

Social Media, Marketing Guru
April left her marketing career in 2009 after a corporate shuffle left her unsure about her future. Instead of leaving her future to the mercy of “The Man” she decided to dive head first into entrepreneurship.

She launched her health and wellness business and learned very quickly about what it takes to be a she-boss. Being single and living alone in a big city, she felt so empowered and free to be making her own money and creating her own schedule. Now April is married and has a daughter. Juggling many hats, April became a Clinical Nutritionist working with women who have thyroid issues.

April will help you strategize your marketing so you can authentically connect with your ideal customers.

The secret to getting ahead,

is getting started.

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