5 Easy SEO Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

a computer monitor for the SEO essentials

Getting found on Google is like the elusive golden ring in the “Lord of the Rings” (who am I kidding, I slept through all 3 movies). A good SEO strategy means that the Google spiders will find your content and index it on their search engine. SEO can be pretty intimidating and overwhelming, but it … Read more

Turn your bad habits into good – Mini but mighty Habit Creator Program

At Hustle & Sparkle, we LOVE Systems and using them as a great way to save time and be productive. In reading about building positive habits (and ultimately squashing procrastination) there are a series of steps done repeatedly over time to create a new habit. Its worth the focus and effort though because you will … Read more

The Little Wallet Card to Keep Your Goals on Track

I don’t consider myself to be a “woo-woo” type of entrepreneur. You know who I mean…the ones who prescribe to the principles in The Secret and believe that if you say a dream out loud enough times, the Universe will provide it. But I do believe that we can and MUST train our subconscious minds … Read more

Beautiful Money with Leanne Jacobs

  Leanne Jacobs is an internationally recognized holistic wealth expert and author of Beautiful Money. She sat down with April to talk about how to stop chasing money and start creating a life you love. Leanne coaches fempreneurs to stop being busy and broke and start to live a purposeful life aligned with joy and meaningful wealth.  … Read more

Planning your Transition from a Cubicle Dweller to Entrepreneur – Part 2

Welcome back! Hopefully you completed our “Financial Flushout” exercise from Part I and now we are going to continue with some of the ‘lighter’ strategies to ditching your full time job and becoming an entrepreneur. These are my top 3 tips but there’s more on our complete checklist. 1) Depending on your business venture, getting a … Read more

Is self esteem holding you back as an entrepreneur?

  Self-esteem – is there another way to say it? Those 2 words can pull up resistance for a lot of people but in the context of entrepreneurship it can be the difference between being frozen in your steps and running a thriving business. The beauty of this is a that self-esteem is a skill … Read more