Creating a Habit IS the Reward

When we think of reaching a goal like weight loss, running a marathon, or writing a book, it ties into an “ending”. So after we’ve worked so hard to institute a new habit, frequently we abandon it without even realizing it because we are so focused on the end goal. The reward of a habit is the habit itself! And knowing yourself, your ability to monitor yourself and hold yourself accountable, and using a Tracker like the one we’ve created for you can make all the difference in the world.

If you’ve landed here first before checking out some of our other resources on habits, be sure to start with our “Mini but Mighty Habits Creator”. You may want to start off small with changing up a few habits, try to piggy back the new habits off of some existing good habits you have and once you have a few changes under your belt you will start to gain some momentum. Aim to keep “habit creation” as something that you do, track, and improve upon each week and watch your world beautifully unfold around you 🙂 Enjoy and we hope it helps!