Habits that will change your life

Habits – we all have them and when we are working at our peak capacity we are usually using our best habits all the time. If we have a day that we slip, we’re able to bounce back quickly into our habits and get our lives back on track in a day or two. It’s an amazing sense of control and possibility but it does take work to get there and maintain it. But if things have happened in our life, like having a baby, moving, switching jobs, etc. it can throw us off our ‘success habits’ without us noticing. And if left unchecked for a period of time, it can require a focused commitment to get all of those positive habits back in place.

A few years back I heard motivational speaker, Sean Stephenson, talking about everyone’s “Top 10 Daily Habits that Make Magic in their Day”. The idea was that all of us have a unique set of activities that when we do them, they create momentum, confidence, positive attitude, creativity, and excellent energy. He did state that out of the ten habits you might be able to do only 3 to 4 daily and these activities will switch in and out depending on schedules and seasons. I thought this idea was brilliant and it stuck with me and I put it into practice. I know when I am doing 3 or 4 of my “magic habits” daily, I am in a pretty good position to have a fantastic day. So give some thought as to what your top 10 habits are. It might be getting into nature, physical activity, eating healthy, journal writing or meditation. There’s so much to chose from but you’ll have your magical list that works for just for you. If you need a memory jogger or some fresh ideas, check out our 100 Positive Habits.