Is self esteem holding you back as an entrepreneur?


Self-esteem – is there another way to say it? Those 2 words can pull up resistance for a lot of people but in the context of entrepreneurship it can be the difference between being frozen in your steps and running a thriving business. The beauty of this is a that self-esteem is a skill that can be built like math or learning a new language but the amazing thing is that it’s a skill that can be built quickly!

Within days you can start to see and feel the positive effects of working on your self esteem and in less than an month you can see the impact on your business! Exciting stuff, right?

There’s lots of quizzes online but here’s one that we found that might give you a quick assessment of your self-esteem:

In this video I will outline how a low self-esteem affected my life but I didn’t even know it until I became an entrepreneur! Once I discovered that “low self-esteem” was holding me back from achieving one of my life dreams I started the process of improving this skill and I share with you my journey and my tips.

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