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Sabrina Falone

Sabrina is classically trained chef, a wife, mother of two little ones. She is a culinary expert serving clients in the food industry.

As a solo entrepreneur, she was used to doing everything herself so she took a crack at designing her own logo using an app and build her own website.

She quickly realized that her DIY brand and website didn't reflect her personality and professionalism. She knew she needed a little help.

Working with Hustle & Sparkle to develop her brand, website and marketing materials allowed her to focus on what she does best - cooking up delicious recipes for her clients.


Like so many other entrepreneurs, I thought I could quickly build my new website with an online template. It didn't take long for me to realize I needed help - badly!

Sarah was referred to me by another #ladyboss and I'm so grateful! Sarah took my list of likes and my (very long) list of don't likes and transformed them into the clean yet impactful branding and website I had envisioned for my new business.

She is creative, knowledgeable, patient and such a pleasure to work with! I have already received a ton of compliments from clients on my new website and it's all thanks to Sarah's talents and guidance! 


Sabrina Falone Brand Board

Note...clients have full ownership of a site once it launches. I cannot guarantee that the site will still represent my design decisions after launch.