Sara Flint – Nutritionist for new moms

Custom Logo and Website for a Nutritionist

Sara Flint is a nutritionist for new moms, standing at her counter

Sara Flint in a registered holistic nutritionist and mother of two. Sara specializes in helping new moms and moms-to-be eat healthy and feed their babies well. Sara offer personalized coaching session and meal plans.

Sara was starting from scratch when she approached Hustle & Sparkle. She knew she wanted a brand with an organic, holistic feel and a website that was easy to maintain.

During our introduction call, Sara mentioned that she loved sunflowers because they reminded her of her late aunt who had supported her throughout her schooling. I took the idea of a sunflower and incorporated it into her brand.

Hustle & Sparkle created a custom logo, branding and a website that featured her services and meal plan programs.

Sara Flint's brand board

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Note…clients have full ownership of a site once it launches. I cannot guarantee that the site will still represent my design decisions after launch.

For Sara, we created a custom home, about, services, and contact page. Her potential client’s can easily pick their journey and see all of Sara’s product bundles and programs that suit their needs.

Below is a preview of her home, about and services page.

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