The Little Wallet Card to Keep Your Goals on Track

I don’t consider myself to be a “woo-woo” type of entrepreneur. You know who I mean…the ones who prescribe to the principles in The Secret and believe that if you say a dream out loud enough times, the Universe will provide it. But I do believe that we can and MUST train our subconscious minds … Read moreThe Little Wallet Card to Keep Your Goals on Track

Habits that will change your life

Habits – we all have them and when we are working at our peak capacity we are usually using our best habits all the time. If we have a day that we slip, we’re able to bounce back quickly into our habits and get our lives back on track in a day or two. It’s … Read moreHabits that will change your life

Beautiful Money with Leanne Jacobs

  Leanne Jacobs is an internationally recognized holistic wealth expert and author of Beautiful Money. She sat down with April to talk about how to stop chasing money and start creating a life you love. Leanne coaches fempreneurs to stop being busy and broke and start to live a purposeful life aligned with joy and meaningful wealth.  … Read moreBeautiful Money with Leanne Jacobs