The Little Wallet Card to Keep Your Goals on Track

I don’t consider myself to be a “woo-woo” type of entrepreneur. You know who I mean…the ones who prescribe to the principles in The Secret and believe that if you say a dream out loud enough times, the Universe will provide it.

But I do believe that we can and MUST train our subconscious minds to believe in abundance and opportunity. Putting a goal on paper is the first step to training our minds to believe that change is on the horizon and action is about to take place.

In Bob Proctor’s book “You Were Born Rich”, he discusses the idea of training your subconscious mind for success. He believes that there are only two factors to determine whether you attain your goals – DESIRE and EXPECTATION. If you are to reach a desired goal, you must expect it to happen. No plan Bs, no “if this then that” scenarios. He states that most of the population wishes for positive things BUT expect the negative, therefore never reaching what they desire.

For many years as an entrepreneur, I have written down goals in a journal, on post-it notes and saved on my computer. That was good first step, but soon after the sticky note disappeared into the garbage the goal was forgotten about. They were written down but I had no desire, or maybe a lack of expectation, that they never came true.

A few months ago, I was desperate for change. I was feeling pretty stagnant in my business and my income. I tried on of Proctor’s tips and wrote my goals on a Goal Card that I kept in my wallet and read 3-4 times per day.

The “goal” of the goal card is to make it so easy and accessible to read every day…several times per day. The repetition of it creates a belief that is so strong that your subconscious mind has no choice but to believe it as real. When the subconscious mind believes it to be real, ideas start to pop into your head and opportunities suddenly appear. It’s not magic and those opportunities probably existed before, but you didn’t notice because you were focused on other things and may have been filled with doubt and fear.

Writing your Goal Card:

  1. Always write in the present tense and begin with “I’m so happy and grateful now that…”
  2. Define EXACTLY what you want. It’s not enough to say “I want lots of money” or “I want to be financially free.” What it the dollar figure?
  3. What will you give back in return for what you want? We don’t get something for nothing, so this part of the goal reminds you that you have to deliver quality service. But don’t worry about the particulars of the HOW. You may not know what you are going to do to provide the service but don’t talk yourself out of starting.
  4. What is the date by when you want to achieve your goal? Be realistic. How long will it take you to develop the program or provide the service that you are providing.
  5. Focus on one big goal.
  6. Hand write it. There is an energy and vibration when you hand write your goals (Don’t ask my why. There just is!)
  7. Read it at least twice per day. I read mine at the store when I’m in line checking out or waiting for my latte.

An example:

I’m so happy and grateful that by May 30, 2018  I am earning $50,000 through my online and coaching programs. In return for this money, I give my clients the most efficient service and the best quality training and coaching programs I can. My belief that I will have this money in my possession is so strong, that I can see and feel it before me.

Download the wallet card template you can start using today!

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  1. I actually searched for a card to write my goals onto and to keep in my wallet. Although I would’ve liked a more masculine card it will still do the job. It’s a great addition to keep me focused and diligent on the tasks at hand.

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