Turn your bad habits into good – Mini but mighty Habit Creator Program

At Hustle & Sparkle, we LOVE Systems and using them as a great way to save time and be productive. In reading about building positive habits (and ultimately squashing procrastination) there are a series of steps done repeatedly over time to create a new habit. Its worth the focus and effort though because you will get better with time and your base line of skills, productivity and overall happiness goes up!

So be sure to download the Habits Creator Worksheets and follow along. As you use it, we’d love your feedback! Email us at coaches@hustleandsparkle.com

Give some thought as to what bad habits you’d like to break. Some bad habits lead to other bad habits (i.e. staying up late leads to sleeping in and missing your workout) so pick the “root cause” of a series of habits because you might be able to make headway with a few at the same time. If you’re stuck and want some ideas, check out our 100 positive habits downloadable.

All of our habits are started as a result of something else. It could be boredom, avoidance, stress, a drastic change in our lives like a new baby, new city or new job. If you have a few habits that you would LOVE to change,  give some thought to when they began and what time of day do they take place, who you’re with, and are there any triggers. Some of these habits might be easily eliminated by changing your schedule or avoiding a person or regular routine.

Positive Talk

We all know what when you want something to happen or change in your life, you need to use positive language. So one strategy is a using your negative habit and turning it upside down into the opposite and verbalizing it out loud.  For example, say to yourself “I use my afternoon coffee break to re-energize my body with a green juice” (versus the current habit of eating something sugary for a short term energy boost). On top of creating a positive habit statement, you also need to brainstorm at least three alternative actions that you are going to do instead of the old habit that you’re brain is accustomed to. Think of things like changing your schedule, avoiding a person or thing that triggers the habit, setting alarms or notifications, etc. And we all know there are going to be days when life doesn’t go as planned. So in those cases, think about what your options are for a Plan B and C.


Accountability – so critical for so many people but don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest that you make a public declaration on Facebook that you’re getting up 20 minutes earlier each day to do some meditation. But give some thought if you know someone who is already excellent at the habit you are looking to create and discuss it with them. Maybe they can share some tips or check in on you once in a while. Be sure to not pick an accountability partner that is at your same level for this habit or lower. That’s a rookie mistake! You’ll end up making excuses for each other and eventually giving up and we don’t want that, right ladies?! We want progress!

The part I love the most is tracking progress…probably because I love checking things off a list. If you’re a paper girl like we are you can download our Habits Tracker and use that daily to check off your progress.


Last piece to tracking and supporting the new habit is to visualize yourself doing the action of your new habit. Normally, you’d see suggestions to visualize your life in the future with the benefits of having the new habit, but apparently, that’s not the most helpful. It’s most helpful to see yourself acting out the new actions and behaviours as if it were 2nd nature to you to assist with tricking your brain to believe it’s true.

This was a bit a long article but hopefully you did the worksheet along side of it and are all set up to change YOUR world!