Write a Killer About Page

Your About Page is like the basket of unfolded laundry sitting in your bedroom for over a week. You know you need to work on it, but you keep leaving it for tomorrow. You know you need to fix it up or rewrite it but you hate doing it and you don’t know what to say. Read on if you want to write a killer About Page!

It’s not easy talking about ourselves…although we all know someone who this is not their problem! It makes us feel icky or like we are bragging. But your About page is one of the most important pages on your entire website. If you are the face of your business, your About Page is probably the next page people visit after your home page. It’s the page that people will click on to see if they like you and if they have a connection with you. If they like you and you can make a connection with them, they are 10x more likely to buy into what you are selling.

How to write a killer About Page

Here are some tips on how to write a killer About Page:

It’s not actually about you!

Even though it is an entire page dedicated to you, it’s not really about you! It’s about your customer. Think of your About Page as a first date. If you go guns blazing talking about yourself the entire dinner, he’s probably going to lose interest…and fast! He wants to know about you, but he also wants to know you’re interested in him.

Every business exists to solve a problem. Whether you are providing easy-to-make weekday recipes for busy moms or in-home fitness classes for menopausal women, your customer has a problem (or pain point) and they are looking for someone to help them. Dedicate the first paragraph to outlining their problem/challenges and show them you get it! Empathize with them. Tell them you understand, and you are here to help.  

I love Krystal Clake Creative’s About Page because she opens by connecting with the mom and small business owner. She acknowledges them by outlining a typical stressful day with an endless to-do list. Then she tells you how she can help.

Give them a peak behind the curtain!

Do you ever go for a walk in your neighbourhood in the evening and peak in the windows?  Not stalkerish, but if they have their curtains open, you’re going look. We all want a peak behind the curtain to see how the other side lives. So, give your audience a little peak behind the “all-business you” and tell them something about you and your life.

Emily from ComeBack Snacks gives you the full behind the scenes story of how she stumbled upon her business from being in prison! When I first read her About Page and watched her video, I was mesmerized how she totally owned her story and laid it all out. You know what, I bought her popcorn that week!

If they can relate to you as a real person, they will feel a connection to you and want to support you.

Use your own voice!

For the love of God, please talk in the first person. If you are a small business owner, we all know you wrote your own About Page and it’s just weird to talk about yourself in the third person.

When writing your About Page, make it conversational. Of course your industry is going to determine your writing style, but if you are a female entrepreneur speak in your own voice. Use phrases you would say in conversations. Don’t be so stuffy.

I like when an About Page makes me chuckle. If you have a funny story about how you got started, tell me about it. I want to know you and your personality.

All that being said, keep it classy. Be personal and use humour but avoid any trashy talk. Afterall you are still a lady!

What makes you so smart?

If you are telling me you can solve my problem, I want to know what makes you the expert. Don’t be afraid to brag a little and include something about your education or training. Make a short list of what makes you’re the expert and why I should choose you. Link to your portfolio page and show off your past work.

Other Important Ways to Write a killer About Page:

  1. Testimonials – include some flattering words from past customers on why you were so awesome to work with. Always great social proof!
  2. Call to Action – Now that they like you, what do you want them to do? Be clear and tell them what the next step is to connect with you. Include a contact form, link to download your freebie or a way they can schedule a discover call.
  3. Have fun – Include a list of your top 10 favourite things, a Q&A or interesting facts. Vanessa Lau’s About Page has a great fun facts section that is easy and fun to read.
  4. Break it up – no one has the attention span to read long paragraphs. Break up the content with headings, images or quotes.  

If you have any questions about writing a killer About Page or interested in having me review your page for feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out!